Usually every 4th Friday
of the Month
7.30 to 11:00 p.m.
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Guests $12.50
Members $10.00
Bring your own snacks

Corner Postmans &
State Highway 17

Dance the night away in the
friendliest club North of the Bridge

Live Country Rock

Line Dancing, Rock 'n' Roll, Ballroom, Swing or Boogie

Please come along with your friends and family to enjoy a night out dancing or just listening to the music of our excellent bands.

History of the Stetson Social Club Inc.    1987 - today

It all started with a dream to provide music and entertainment to all those interested in country music. Joe and Betty Masters together with some friends decided to make the dream a reality in 1987 and the 'STETSON SOCIAL CLUB INC' was formed. The aim was to provide a venue where people could come and be entertained by professional and semi professional musicians.

Initially the Club provided a social evening once a month in different venues and, as membership grew, the Committee looked around for premises that the Club could call home.

Past & Present Presidents

1986 Sel Pointon
1987 - 1988 Joe Masters
1989 Mary Carpenter
1990 John Wallace
1991 - 1992 Fay Heywood
1993 Steve Kenyon
1994 - 1995 Fay Heywood
1996 Sel Nash
1997 - 1999 Linda Boyd
2000 - 2001 Sharon Running
2002 - 2004 Anne Blackburn
2005 - 2010 Roisel Kershaw
2011 - 2014 Linda Noble
2014 - 2016 Linda Wade
2016 - Peter Burney

Premises in Dominion Road were used for a period of time until eventually the Club was lucky to secure premises in Botha Road, Penrose. A disused canteen provided members with room for a bar, kitchen, sufficient space for tables and chairs, and still provided a dance floor.
This enabled the Club to hold meetings and regular social events, and membership grew to around 200 members. We were lucky enough to have these premises free of charge for about three years every Friday and some Saturday nights. After this, the Stetson Club moved to premises in Penrose and then on to Mike's place in Mt Wellington. Mike's hospitality was enjoyed for some time but the Club eventually had to find a more permanent home.

After trying different venues in several hotel premises, the Stetson Club eventually secured the Dairy Flat Hall, a place we still call home. The Committee applied for and got a bar licence to enable us to provide refreshments and we maintained a full kitchen with meals and toasted sandwiches. Meals have evolved to become a bring-a-plate suppers that have become a welcome opportunity to catch up with friends old and new.

You don't have to be a member to attend our Club nights but of course we welcome new members. Although the Stetson Club supports county music, it specialises in Country Rock, a style of music that attracts audiences young and old.

Dancing goes hand in hand with Country Rock and the Stetson Club encourages a split dance floor with partner and social dancing at the front of the hall and line dancing at the back of the hall. We are now a popular venue for all dance styles including rock 'n rollers, ballroom, Latin, line dancers and of course those who just want to boogie.

After over 30 years, we are still going strong with a core of members who keep the vision alive. We look forward to many more years of entertainment and camaraderie and we thank all those who come to the Stetson Club for their support.

The Stetson Club is keeping the dream alive by providing affordable live music in a convivial setting usually every 4th Friday of the month ( Check Gigs Guide ). I hope you can make it to a Club night soon.

The Stetson Club is iconic, & there are so many wonderful, nostalgic memories of all the fun, laughter, friendship, hardworking committee, amazing music & bands, outstanding talented musicians, dancing to the beat & cheek to cheek.